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6 Best Selling Digital Products In Nigeria

In recent times, Nigeria has seen a significant rise in the use and demand for digital products. This surge is mainly fueled by the increasing adoption of the internet across the country. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking for best selling digital products in Nigeria, you’re in the right place.

Overview of the Growing Digital Products Market

The internet has become a powerful tool connecting people across Nigeria. With more and more folks getting online, the market for digital products is booming. Entrepreneurs like you have a great opportunity to tap into this growing trend and offer products that meet the needs of the digital-savvy population.

someone working on a laptop

What are Digital Products?

Now, what exactly are digital products?

Digital products are things you can buy and use online, without needing a physical copy. They come in various forms, making them versatile and accessible.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring different categories of digital products that have been gaining popularity in Nigeria. From e-books to online courses, there’s a wide range of possibilities for you to consider.

As we go forward, we’ll delve into each category, giving you insights into what makes these digital products hot sellers in Nigeria. So, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting, stay tuned to discover the best-selling digital products that could be your next business venture!

#1. Online Courses

In Nigeria, many people are eager to learn new skills. Online courses are a hit because folks want to get better at things like technology, business, and design. Platforms like Udemy and SkillShare are becoming really popular. Imagine being the one to provide valuable lessons to people who want to improve themselves!

student taking online classes

When you create courses, think about what skills are in demand. Maybe it’s coding, starting a small business, or graphic design. People are looking for practical knowledge they can use in their everyday lives.

Remember, with online courses, you’re not just selling a product – you’re sharing knowledge and helping others grow. It’s a fantastic way to make a living while making a positive impact.

#2. Mobile Apps/Games

In Nigeria, lots of people are using mobile apps and games, and some of them are making good money. Let’s explore what types of apps and games are selling like hotcakes.

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mobile apps

Entertainment and Gaming Apps

Imagine creating an app that entertains people or lets them play games on their phones. These kinds of apps are trendy! People enjoy spending time on apps that bring joy and fun to their lives. You can even make money by adding things like in-app purchases or ads inside the app.

Education and Utility Apps

Now, think about making apps that help people learn or make their lives easier. Education apps that teach something valuable or utility apps that solve a problem can be a big hit. Create something that fits the needs of the people in Nigeria. It could be a language-learning app or an app that helps with daily tasks.

As an entrepreneur, you have a chance to make a difference and earn money by creating digital products that people in Nigeria love. Think about what they need and how you can bring value to their lives. The world of mobile apps and games is full of opportunities, and Nigeria is ready for your creative ideas. Start exploring, start creating, and watch your digital products become the best sellers in the vibrant market of Nigeria.

#3. Ebooks 

Ebooks are like digital books that you can read on your computer or tablet. In Nigeria, many people love ebooks that share useful information on starting and running a business. These informational products cover topics like entrepreneurship and self-help. They provide valuable insights and tips to help budding entrepreneurs navigate the world of business which makes them one of the best selling digital products in Nigeria.


Entrepreneurs find ebooks on eCommerce and dropshipping particularly helpful. These guides are like step-by-step instructions for running an online store. Young entrepreneurs, in particular, are drawn to these digital resources because they offer practical advice on setting up and managing an online business.

Digital products like ebooks are affordable and easily accessible. Entrepreneurs in Nigeria appreciate the convenience of having valuable information at their fingertips without the need for physical books.

#4. Stock Images, Templates 

Visuals play a big role in the online marketplace. Affordable stock photos, video clips, and templates can be powerful tools for businesses. These resources are like a treasure chest for social media managers, bloggers, and presenters.

Affordable Stock Photos and Video Clips

Imagine having access to a variety of pictures and short videos without breaking the bank. That’s what affordable stock photos and video clips offer. They help businesses create eye-catching content for websites, social media, and presentations.

Templates for Business Needs

Templates are pre-designed layouts that make creating content quick and easy. Whether you’re managing social media accounts, running a blog, or presenting ideas, templates can save you time and effort. They act like a helpful guide, allowing you to focus on the message you want to convey.

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Tools for Social Media Managers

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses, and managing it efficiently is crucial. With the right tools, social media managers can schedule posts, track analytics, and engage with the audience effectively. It’s like having a reliable assistant to streamline your online presence.

Blogs and Presenters

For bloggers and presenters, these digital products are game-changers. Engaging visuals and professionally designed templates can captivate your audience. Whether you’re sharing stories or presenting ideas, these tools help you make a lasting impression.

#5. Music & Podcasts

Digital music and podcasts are a hit in Nigeria! People love Afrobeat and local gospel music, making them one of the best selling digital products in Nigeria. Entrepreneurs can explore these genres to meet the strong demand.


Afrobeat Sensation

Afrobeat, with its catchy rhythms and vibrant tunes, is a favorite among Nigerians. Creating and selling Afrobeat music online can be a profitable venture. Consider collaborating with local artists to add an authentic touch.

Local Gospel Appeal

Nigerians also have a strong connection to gospel music. Entrepreneurs can tap into this market by offering digital gospel albums or singles. Providing uplifting and inspirational content can attract a wide audience.

Podcasts on the Rise

Podcasts are gaining popularity, covering various topics like comedy, lifestyle, news, and sports. Entrepreneurs can create engaging podcast content that resonates with Nigerian listeners. Consider discussing local events, sharing funny anecdotes, or providing valuable information.

Comedy Podcasts

Laughter is a universal language, and Nigerians love a good laugh. Creating comedy podcasts can be a lucrative venture. Share humorous stories, jokes, and insights to entertain your audience.

Lifestyle Insights

Nigerians are interested in lifestyle topics. Entrepreneurs can create podcasts that discuss fashion, health, and everyday tips. Sharing relatable content can attract a dedicated audience.

News and Sports Updates

Staying informed is essential, and Nigerians are keen on news and sports updates. Entrepreneurs can start podcasts dedicated to sharing local news or providing insightful commentary on sports events. Keeping the content informative and engaging is key.

#6. SaaS Tools 

SaaS tools are like helpful digital friends and are one of the best selling digital products in Nigeria.

They’re online software that helps with important tasks like accounting, keeping track of inventory, and managing HR (that means handling employees and their stuff).

Why SaaS Tools Are a Hit

a). Online Convenience: These tools work on the internet, so you can access them from anywhere.

If you’re working from home or running your business remotely, SaaS tools become your virtual office assistants.

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b). Accounting Simplified: No need to be a math whiz! SaaS tools for accounting make it easy to manage your business finances. You can track income, expenses, and profits without getting lost in complicated numbers.

c). Inventory Management Made Easy: For businesses that sell products, keeping track of inventory is crucial. SaaS tools take away the stress by helping you organize and monitor your stock levels effortlessly.

d). HR Assistance: Handling human resources can be challenging, but SaaS tools come to the rescue. From managing employee information to tracking attendance, these tools ensure your HR tasks are smooth and error-free.

Why Businesses Love SaaS Tools

a). Cost-Effective: Forget about spending loads of money on different software. SaaS tools often offer affordable subscription plans, making them a budget-friendly choice for small businesses.

b). Efficiency Boost: With SaaS tools, tasks that used to take hours can now be done in minutes. This efficiency boost allows entrepreneurs to focus on growing their business rather than getting bogged down by routine tasks.

c). Regular Updates: SaaS tools are like your digital companions that keep getting better. Developers regularly update the software, ensuring you always have access to the latest features and improvements.

In Nigeria, the demand for SaaS tools is rising because they simplify business processes, saving time and money. Entrepreneurs who embrace these digital helpers find their businesses running smoother and more efficiently. Consider incorporating SaaS tools into your business strategy, and witness the positive impact on your entrepreneurial journey.

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Final Thoughts On Best-Selling Digital Products In Nigeria

In wrapping up our talk about the best selling digital products in Nigeria, it’s essential to highlight the growing trend of people spending money on digital things. Customers in Nigeria are buying more and more digital products across different categories. This is a big deal for you, the potential entrepreneur.

What makes these digital products so special is that they let you focus on specific things that people really want. Whether it’s educational materials, entertainment, or tools for business, there’s a wide range of options. It’s like having a store that sells exactly what your customers are looking for.

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As we’ve seen, people’s preferences are changing. More Nigerians are leaning towards digital solutions for their needs. As an entrepreneur, understanding these shifts in consumer preferences can guide you in making smart choices for your business.

So, if you’re thinking about starting your own business in Nigeria, consider the digital world. Look at what people are spending their money on and figure out how you can offer them something they’ll love. The rise in digital spending is an opportunity for you to meet specific needs and build a successful venture.

In conclusion, the digital market in Nigeria is buzzing with possibilities. Take the time to understand what customers want, and you could find yourself with a business that not only survives but thrives in this ever-changing digital landscape.  

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