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How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: 4 Easy Steps

Last updated on January 18th, 2024 at 07:01 am

In today’s blog post, you will learn how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria in four easy steps.

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money online. If you are looking for an easy, accessible way to start making money from home, this blog post will help you get started. 

We will explore the basics of affiliate marketing so that even beginners can understand how it works and how they can begin earning commissions today!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you sign up with an online retailer to sell their products and services. 

You get paid a commission for every sale that comes through your affiliate link, which can be embedded in various places throughout the web.

What are some ways that I can earn affiliate commissions?

There are several different strategies when it comes to earning affiliate commissions – here are just five of them:  

  • customer referrals
  • posting links on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter;
  • publishing ads in e-zines and newsletters; 
  • blogging about products/services offered by affiliates; 
  • joining an online forum related to the product/service you wish to endorse and adding relevant comments after reading other posts in order for people to see your referral link.

1). How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: Pick a niche

One of the best ways to begin making money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria is by picking a niche – this means choosing an industry that you are familiar with, like fashion or home improvement. 

You can also choose something more specific like “men’s yoga pants” if you want to get really targeted.

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Things to consider when choosing a niche

Once you have chosen a niche market, consider the following factors:  

  • how much competition exists for your product or service?
  • how large is the potential audience for this type of business?
  • how many products are currently being sold in this industry?

2). How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: Choose affiliate program(s) to work with

After choosing your niche, you need to find the right affiliate program(s). 

You can do this by searching Google for “[your chosen niche] + ‘affiliate program'” or using one of the popular affiliate marketing directories in Nigeria.

What are some common types of affiliate programs?

There are three main types of affiliate programs in Nigeria:  

  • specific product or service affiliates; 
  • publisher/display (banner) ads; and email advertisements. 

Specific product or service affiliates usually have their own unique links they want you to use when promoting them on your site. 

Publisher/display advertisers will allow you to place banner adverts on your website about their company’s specific deals – these may contain special codes so that if someone clicks over from your site, it tracks back to your account. 

Email advertisements allow you to promote a company through email blasts, usually for a discounted price if the person signs up using your link.

How do I choose my first affiliate partner?

Things to consider when looking for an affiliate program to join include: 

  • commission rates; 
  • payment terms (such as if they pay quarterly or monthly); 
  • types of products and services offered; 
  • whether or not there is a membership fee involved. 

Be sure that all these factors fit within your business plan before signing up! 

What are some best practices I should follow? 

Here are five tips on how NOT to make money through online marketing: 

Don’t spam people – sending unsolicited emails or posting links on social media without permission is considered spamming and can result in your account being terminated. 

Don’t create multiple accounts – if you have two different sites, consider using a different email address for each website so that it doesn’t appear as though you are trying to promote the same product twice. 

Don’t sell other people’s products as your own – this includes offering affiliate programs from another company but changing the name of their brand/product when promoting it through your site(s). 

If caught doing this, not only will it damage your reputation, but you could also face legal consequences since copyrighted material has been used which means that intellectual property laws may have been broken. 

Don’t use misleading content – be honest about what affiliate program(s) you are promoting and don’t try to get people’s contact information through false or deceptive means such as promising a product giveaway if someone subscribes. 

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Don’t overdo it – while there is no limit on how much money can be made with affiliate marketing, remember that spamming your audience may result in them becoming annoyed at the frequency of notifications they receive from seeing too many advertisements/promotional content related to your chosen niche.

By choosing an affiliate program to join, it’s important that you carefully research what other vendors are selling within your niche. This will help ensure that people can find exactly what they’re looking for – if all companies offer the same thing and there isn’t enough variety then traffic won’t be driven to any one website.

3). How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: Build an affiliate website

After choosing your product/service and affiliate program(s), it’s time to start building a website. 

The aim of this site is to inform potential customers about the products you want them to buy, so make sure that each article has enough information for people to get an idea of what they’re buying without giving too much away!

Things to consider when building your website:  

  • the content on your blog should be original and not copied from other websites; 
  • include pictures wherever possible (especially if using articles); 
  • offer freebies such as ebooks or webinars in exchange for someone’s contact details which can then be used later down the line for marketing purposes; 
  • keep navigation simple by placing links at both the top and bottom of every page so that visitors can easily find their way back to the homepage; 
  • include social media buttons so that people can share your content on other sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

You should also consider writing about topics that are related to what you have chosen for affiliate marketing, but which aren’t directly selling a product/service. 

This will help increase page views and ultimately result in more earnings through commissions! 

How do I get started?  

First, pick a domain name. This is the special address people will use to access your affiliate website in Nigeria.

  • Make sure the name is related to what you are promoting. For example, if you decide to promote and review the best fridges, you can create a website around that keyword.
  • Keep the name easy to read and remember.

Once you have the domain, get hosting as well.

Go here to secure both at an affordable price.

Moving on with how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

4). How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: Start promoting

Once everything is live, promote it – let everyone know that you’ve just created an affiliate website by sending out emails or posting links across relevant social media outlets. 

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It’s important not to spam though – only send messages every few days unless they’re offering something extremely good (such as free shipping) since this may appear suspicious to both your contacts and the company you’re sending out promotional content on behalf of.

You can also promote affiliate programs in Nigeria across your social media accounts, but again don’t overdo it or else people will become annoyed at seeing advertisements for products they aren’t interested in whenever they log into Facebook/Twitter, etc.

How to make more money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria

To make more money, use the following strategies;

a).  Optimise your website

By improving the functionality of your site, you can increase traffic by making it easier for search engines to crawl through every page. 

There are plenty of free online tools which help with this process – check out Google Webmaster Tools or Moz Open Site Explorer to learn more about how they work and use them regularly!

b). Offer multiple affiliate programs across different niches

This tactic has two benefits: 

Firstly, visitors will be interested in looking at all offers instead of just one which means that each time a person visits your blog there is another chance for a commission.

Secondly, if someone decides to buy something from an alternate program then earnings are shared between both companies you’re representing ( ultimately leads to increased revenue) so make sure to include these opportunities wherever possible.

c). Use social media sites for advertising

Social media is now an essential part of affiliate marketing strategies in Nigeria, so make the most out of it by sharing your blog posts on Facebook/Twitter, etc with links back to your site; people who like/follow you will then be able to see what’s going on and may even click-through ( which can lead to increased earnings)!

d). Multi-channel selling is the best option if you want more commissions

This strategy allows users to promote different products across several websites rather than just one.

This means that there are multiple chances for sales each time a person visits their preferred platform making money easier in the long term since visitors won’t have gotten everything they want from the first website they looked at.

e). Build an email list as quickly as possible

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with those who have previously visited your blog and also potential new readers.

This will help increase earnings since you can advertise affiliate products through newsletters which ultimately leads to more sales! 

There are plenty of free web tools such as MailChimp to help make the process straightforward, so sign up for one right now if you don’t already use it regularly.

Final thoughts on how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Don’t feel under pressure to make money – some websites take time to gain momentum, so keep promoting them daily while continuing with regular blogging activity until visitors start coming through naturally! 

How long does this take?  

The length of time needed before making a profit really depends upon how much effort is put into promotion when building an affiliate website; however, there are no set rules meaning that everyone’s experience varies depending on multiple factors including location.

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