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How To Register A Domain In Nigeria

Last updated on December 14th, 2020 at 01:38 pm

Register A Domain In Nigeria

In this article, we explain how to register a domain in Nigeria for your business or for your personal brand.

Domain registration is the process of registering a unique name to identify your website in Nigeria.

Why register a domain in Nigeria?

If you want to have an online presence in Nigeria, you need to have a registered Domain to run your business online. You can be sure of attracting more locals because your domain is Nigerian based.  Most web hosting companies in Nigeria require you to have a domain name to host with them. You can easily transfer from one host to another with a single domain everything seamless in your website.

Domain registrars are accredited by NIRA to register, transfer and renew domains in Nigeria. Nigerian domains have .ng domain extensions as the country code top-level domain name as the second country-level domains.

Who should register for a domain in Nigeria?

Any learning or government organizations, law firms, hospitals, eCommerce and any business that needs to be recognized and identified in Nigeria need to register for a domain.

How is domain registration carried out in Nigeria?

Domain registration is initiated by any domain registrant accredited to register domains in Nigeria. Domain names comprise of the company’s names, they should be short, relevant and easy to remember. When you want to register a domain name in Nigeria you need to familiarize with the domain registrant, domain pricing, terms and condition of payment and renewal prices, the duration before the domain can expire and its consequences and the maximum or a minimum number of domains that can be registered at any given time.

Registration process

  • Visit the NIRA website to locate and choose a domain registrant.
  • Visit the domain registrant website and check for the availability of your domain in the domain search box.
  • If the domain name is available, place an order and the domain registrant will send an invoice in your email to provide the payment procedure for the domain.
  • If the domain name is not available, it means that the name already exists and is already in use to identify another website. Use another name to register for your website.
  • You will also be required to fill the WHOIS information and submit to the domain registrant.
  • To complete domain registration in Nigeria, you pay for the domain using Naira.
  • Once you have completed the registration process, you can immediately link your website with your domain. If you do not already have a designed website, the domain registrant can temporarily store the domain for you as you seek to have your own website.

Benefits of registering a domain in Nigeria

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-You enjoy high search engine ranking for your company because your website name contains your company’s name.

-You increase your Nigerian brand and online trust because most locals will prefer to work with you as a local business.

-With a domain, you can easily host with any web hosting provider in Nigeria since most web hosts require you to have a domain to host with them.

-You can create a professional email address with a domain. This shows that you are a professional and you are serious with the business.

Nigeria domain registration is cheap, affordable and secure for businesses that need a presence in Nigeria.

Check out TrueHost’s domain registration packages to get started

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