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The Best Online Business In Nigeria

In this post, we’ll get to know what is the best online business in Nigeria. Technology is changing how we do business.

Today it’s easy to transact online unlike the old days. Everyone is choosing to move their businesses online and transact without limits.

Opportunities are more on the internet. It’s no wonder people are creating websites and stores to ensure they are reachable easily.

What counts as a business?

It is a transaction between a seller and a buyer. The two have to agree before exchanging goods and services for a price.

Selling goods to your friend is also a business that is categorized as a small business. Large firms on the other hand deal with huge sales.

An online business is a transaction between seller and buyer through the internet. This means one can purchase goods without having to visit the store.

A seller can have an inventory of goods without opening up a store. One can work from home and sell their products on the internet.

Buyers then have convenience when transacting and save on costs. Ordering products is easy and delivery also is fast! 

Does online business pay?

Yes, just like any other business returns are high. However, when you start an online business you need to keep it by the laws.

Online businesses are quick to start and manage. They don’t require many resources as in the case of a normal business. That, however, doesn’t mean you can just run it like that!

You need to monitor your store, ensure clients get products on time and in good condition, your payments are secure, and more. It’s more than just browsing online. 

What’s the cost of starting an online business?

This depends on what business you intend to start. There business one can start for free while others cost an extra dime.

Some businesses also may not cost as you start but cost you later. It’s up to you to gather enough research about a business before starting up.

What to consider before starting an online business in Nigeria

Target market

These are the people you are going to sell to. Have you established a ready market for your product? In what ways will you sell your product?

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Without clients, the business can’t run effectively! You need to find out the competition, what sells and doesn’t, pick times, and mode of operations.

With this information, one will know how best to operate their business. It will also save you the hassle of running the business.

Get to know your surroundings and clients’ preferences before setting up.


What are you going to sell? Is anyone else selling what you have? This is what you are offering to your clients. A good product promotes the business.

Find ways to ensure that your clients are satisfied with your products. No one wants something fake or doesn’t last. Have genuine products for your business.


How well are your clients treated? Do they love transacting with you? Do you serve them well? Everyone wants to be served and treated right.

Clients should always be treated right. They should always love transacting with you without any issues. Invest in good service to your clients.

Make them feel heard and feel appreciated for conducting business with you. 


This says how much you will need before your business is ready to transact. How much are the products? How about the licenses? And what of management costs?

Put in mind all costs before beginning. Formulate a plan on how you will implement resources into your venture. Capture the costs and know how best to deal with them.


This is the channel to sell on. Are your products visible on the website? Can someone purchase through social media? Is your online shop reliable?

A good platform should ensure that your business operates without any issues. It should also ensure that clients can reach you easily.

When clients can contact and reach you easily it makes them happy. They will always keep coming back for the good service.

There are many platforms one can use. Using social media to advertise can help your venture grow by reaching out to many. Find a platform that will scale your business higher.

The best online business in Nigeria


There’s no doubt that a blog can make you money. In Nigeria, most love content, and what better way to share it than have it in a blog.

These days people are preferring to read a blog than buy a magazine. This means that with good content you will connect with many and start earning easily.

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A blog makes you money by views. Once you gather good numbers Google Adsense can help you get money, affiliate marketing links, and also sell your content.

However, be careful when you sign up for affiliate links. Ensure that the links match up with what your blog is about or you will lose your audience.

There are many categories to choose from and create your blog. Learn about your audience and start your blog today!

Besides, it doesn’t cost much; platforms like Google ensure you have a blog for free. 

Affiliate marketing

This is becoming a third-party advertiser and seller. This means that clients can purchase from your link and you earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing is easy to set up and doesn’t cost a dime. You can choose to be an affiliate for any business and gain rewards after purchases.

Besides, you don’t need to have a product. The company you are affiliating with shares the link and you share and clients use it.

A good thing is that affiliates have instant payments. You can choose to withdraw so long as the commission is available and you’ve met their terms.

This passive income will help everyone sustain a good livelihood in Nigeria. One doesn’t need to have the experience to start.


This is buying and selling currency online. The most known type is Bitcoin which is popular for high returns and good security.

Trading online isn’t challenging but requires resources to start up. With Olymp, one gets free money to help you learn how to trade.

These days there are also trading bots to help you in the process of trading. Google and Youtube are good guides to trading.

Gather enough resources on trading and start your online business in Nigeria. Change your lifestyle and have freedom over your preferences.

Social Media Manager

Everyone is on social media as a user, influencer, or manager. Social media has proven to be the best channel for all businesses.

With social media, one can share, update and sell goods. Having used social media one learns a trick or two in the trade.

Many companies are looking for someone to manage their accounts. They want to reach out to many, sell to clients easily as well as get feedback easily.

As their manager, you will interact with clients and offer help. You will ensure that they are informed on products and services and every update about the company.

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It’s the best online business that is convenient and pays well. Just being on social media and you earn for interacting with clients.

Teaching online

Before we learn about something we often check online. One can capitalize on this and create a course that they will charge to learn.

Becoming a tutor online will have clients lining up for your services. One can also get contracts from institutions and companies about their work.

You can choose how much you are selling your content. Besides, it’s no different from being in a school where one pays school fees.

This business is easy to start up with ready platforms like Udemy, Moodle where you can become a tutor for free. Choose what to feature in your content.

Flip domains and websites

This means reselling domains and websites. You can buy a domain and create a website that will grow the domain. Later you can sell it at the price you want.

It’s a lucrative online business in Nigeria. You need to put effort into growing your stats and earn yourself a good income. 

Everyone needs a good domain and a website. Using your skills and bargaining power you can become the best reseller.

Become a reseller for web hosting

Web hosting services are very crucial for websites. Every website requires hosting services to run. And each day websites are being created.

This means that the reseller business is lucrative. As a reseller, you will choose pricing, plans, and more before selling.

This business is run through the internet; it gives you the convenience to work from anywhere. 

Create an online shop

A shop can come in many forms, those in fashion can earn by just having their shop online. With the online shop, you can choose any product to sell.

You can choose to sell digital products such as ebooks and earn handsomely. The shop also can be a third-party store.

Meaning you sell on behalf of someone else. Clients can contact you and you reach out to the seller and sell their product on behalf of them.

Web development

This is another best online business in Nigeria. It’s the creation of websites for money. Developers earn a good living even from simple sites.

Websites are being created daily and with the skills, you can sell to the highest bidder. One also can create projects and showcase their work before getting hired.

Wrapping Up;

The above 9 are just a few examples of online businesses one can do in Nigeria. There are other major and beneficial businesses one can take.

Online businesses are easy to start and manage. As seen many just require skills and with that, you are on your way to earning big.

Start your online business in Nigeria by looking at the above ventures. Change your livelihood fast with online jobs.

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